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Magnum™ Aluminum Aquarium Stand 30x12x20

Magnum™ Aluminum Aquarium Stand 30x12x20

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Designed for Unmatched Durability & Reliability

Magnum aquarium stands are renowned for their exceptional quality and unmatched durability. These stands are meticulously crafted, ensuring optimal performance and a long-lasting, satisfying experience.

Professional-Grade 45mm T Slot Aluminum Profile

Magnum stands are constructed using a 45mm T Slot Aluminum profile that is up to 40% stronger than the cheaper fractional dimensioned profiles utilized by competitors.

Oversize Adjustable Feet

Oversized adjustable feet (as chosen option) guarantee a level and even surface. We highly recommend selecting this option. The adjustable feet are installed during the factory process and cannot be added at a later time.

Heavy Duty Gusseted Brackets

Gusseted brackets, supplied exclusively by Tenecor, are strategically employed in key locations to enhance structural integrity.

Double Width 45/90 Perimeter

The extruded profile that supports the stand's deck is twice as wide. This additional width enhances its strength and prevents any flexing or bowing, ensuring torsional stability.

PVC Deck & Shelf designed to withstand water

Expertly engineered using waterproof PVC, the optional deck and shelf undergo precision CNC machining to achieve an impeccable and exact fit. The purple skin in the Image shown is an easily removable protective film.