The Two Tenecor® AIO Designs Explained

Tenecor offers two AIO designs. The Advantage® Wet/Dry AIO and the HushFlow® AIO. Both are explained below.

Tenecor® Advantage® Wet/Dry AIO.
Proven and reliable for over 40 years.

Addressing the disadvantages of available filtration at the time, Tenecor® in the 1970's invented the Wet/Dry AIO. We named them Simplicity™ to reflect their ease of setup and maintenance. Wet/Dry filtration is highly effective because water is trickled over bio media on which reside beneficial bacteria. These bacteria are found everywhere in the aquarium and thrive in an environment where there is abundant oxygen. Trickling the water over the media provides this oxygen. Every major public aquarium uses this proven filtration method. 

Rebranded as Advantage® AIO's, hundreds of thousands of Simplicity™ aquariums have proven safe and reliable. Many are still running today. They are an excellent choice for both freshwater and saltwater setups.

One of the first Simplicity™ Wet/Dry AIO's we built.
Still running after 45 years!


HushFlow® AIO.
Designed especially for the saltwater reefer.

A common complaint we hear from hobbyists is how small the sumps are in AIO glass tanks which makes it impossible to customize them. Tenecor® HushFlow® AIO's are engineered with oversize chambers, versatile media cups and plenty of room for customization.

Tenecor® HushFlow® AIO shown here in a ReefPoint® Lagoon Aquarium. Notice the dual 7 inch oversize media baskets and generous chambers.
Even the smallest HushFlow® AIO features oversize media filter baskets & extra larger chambers. Shown here is a 36 Inch ReefPoint® with a removable 7-inch basket and 8-inch wide baffles.


Which one is better?

Advantage® Wet/Dry AIO's and HushFlow® AIO's both are solid choices. Advantage® AIO's are time tested and reliable choices for both freshwater and most saltwater setups. HushFlow® AIO's offer the flexibility to customize and are especially well suited for advanced reef keeping.

Both are offered in a wide range of sizes and styles.