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"You Dream it. Let us Build it."

The Prestige & Safety of Acrylic for Less Than The Price of Glass

Tenecor® Aquariums are more than just boxes of water. They are better looking, safer, lighter and more clear than any kind of glass, including "low iron" glass.

Enjoy the beauty, elegance, and safety of a Tenecor® acrylic aquarium without ugly silicone seams and the worry of a shattering glass tank.

American Made. Since 1980.

All glass tanks will leak

Don't let this happen to you.

Glass tank seams are joined with silicone that over time become less pliable and weaken. Whether it is two years or ten, all glass tanks will eventually leak.

Properly constructed acrylic seams are chemical bonds at the molecular level, impossible to take apart and virtually leakproof.

With a Tenecor® aquarium, you can sleep well at night without the worry of flooding your home.

Tenecor® Aquariums are made with up to 50% thicker acrylic

Larger Tenecor® aquariums are built with thicker brand name acrylic. Please keep this in mind when comparing our products.

the leading custom tank builder since 1980.

Tenecor® has built more custom acrylic aquariums than anyone. Longer. Taller. Wider. Shorter. Get exaclty what you want for about the same price as standard sizes. And always less expensive than glass.

We build Dreams


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Award Winning Small tanks

Tenecor® Simplicity™ AIO nanos are powered by HushFlow® PowerSumps. They are offered ready to run with dozens of options. Made to order and shipped fast.

Media Baskets. Blackout filter covers. TruFit™ Guarantee. The Tenecor® Advantage.

DIY AIO Kits For Aqueon® Glass Tanks

Convert your glass aquarium into an All In One (AIO) system with our easy to install AIO Kits. Lids and filtration options available.

ReefPoint® AIO Lagoon. Run it Your Way.™

ReefPoint® AIO Lagoon aquariums raise saltwater reef keeping to a higher level. ReefPoint® aquariums are innovative marine systems that are designed to address the many shortcomings in today's glass tanks.

The best aquarium stand you can buy

Magnum™ aluminum stands are made with industrial grade profile.

Other companies use a hollow rectangular extrusion with minimal cross sectional strength, similar to gutters and downspouts.

Magnum™ stands are the gold standard. Custom built to your specificiations.

Oversize adjustable leveling feet protect your floors. Designers skins enhance your decor.

Nobody has better deals on these kits than tenecor. My kit arrived in less than three days and it fit perfectly. Ordering another one.

Wilson J.

Commercial Systems | Design | Build

From neighborhood pet stores to the largest national chains, Tenecor® has the experience to design and build your perfect system.

Over 45 Years of Aquarium Excellence

The Tenecor® Story

1978. Plastek Plastics Is established.

Tenecor® was originally called Plastek Plastics.

It's 1978 and Stayin' Alive is the highest grossing movie, the Bee Gees have multiple hits, polyester rules the fashion world.

We began in the Great State of Arizona building sign holders, displays, napkin dispensers and store fixtures.

Our first shop consisted of a table saw, router and a heating strip we made from an old electric stove.

Over 45 Years of Aquarium Excellence

1982-1996 to Present

Tenecor® Today

Tenecor® continues to be the leading manufacturer of acrylic aquariums.

We offer the broadest selection of sizes, styles and varieties. Always American Made.