Effortlessly create your dream reef with our ReefPoint Saltwater Reef Aquarium Packages.

Advantage AIO. Full Wet/Dry performance.

Advantage® AIO Aquariums - Full Wet/Dry design. Only from Tenecor®.

Experience the reliability, convenience, and unrivaled performance of the Tenecor® Advantage® Wet/Dry AIO Acrylic Aquarium System. First designed by Tenecor® in the 1970s and now trademarked as the Advantage® wet/dry AIO aquarium, this exquisite Ready to Run system is an ideal choice for both freshwater and saltwater setups. Advantage® AIO systems come fully loaded with unbreakable polycarbonate lids, reusable filter floss, and more.

Wet/Dry filtration is highly effective because water is trickled over bio media on which reside beneficial bacteria. These bacteria are found everywhere in the aquarium and thrive in an environment where there is abundant oxygen. Trickling the water over the media provides this oxygen. Every major public aquarium uses this proven filtration method.

Award Winning Nanos - With All the Good Stuff Included.

Experience the perfect fusion of style and technology with a Tenecor® AIO Nano Aquarium Package. Tenecor® AIO Nanos are out of the box Ready to Run systems for both freshwater and saltwater setups. Transform your living space with one of these vibrant aquatic environments.

Peninsula Aquariums with Advanced Overflow Designs

ReefPoint® saltwater overflow peninsula aquariums boast state-of-the-art functionality, incorporating clean view overflows and internal return lines. Tenecor® peninsula aquariums look great even from the sides without the ugly exposed overflows.

Two dozen standard sizes to choose from. Or custom.

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Tenecor® Pentagon aquariums are the top choice of hobbyists.

Over four decades ago, Tenecor® introduced the original corner pentagon design. The latest versions now boast advanced features such as one-piece back walls and durable polycarbonate lids with integrated feeding hatches. Tenecor® pentagons are available in several sizes and styles for freshwater and saltwater as well as AIO.

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Buying a cheap stand can be an expensive mistake. Raise your game and protect your investment with a Tenecor Magnum stand. American made Magnum stands are the leading brand because they are the best.

Magnum™ Enclosed Aluminum Frame Cabinets are the gold standard.

For those seeking the finest aquarium cabinets, look no further than Tenecor Magnum™ Aluminum Aquarium Cabinets. These cabinets are designed to be the ultimate choice, with their strong and sturdy construction using a 45 mm industrial grade extruded T slot aluminum profile.

The precision machined panels are heavy duty wood laminated with elegant designer finishes, enhancing any decor and the overall appeal of your aquarium setup. Easy access is ensured with doors on all sides of the cabinet (most sizes), allowing hassle-free maintenance. The waterproof PVC shelf will never warp or decay. The aluminum frame is finished with a corrosion resistant anodized finish, backed by a five-year warranty. When it comes to premium quality and durability, Tenecor® Magnum™ stands are unmatched.