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Tenecor® 150 AIO Peninsula Acrylic Aquarium and Aluminum Stand 60x24x24

Tenecor® 150 AIO Peninsula Acrylic Aquarium and Aluminum Stand 60x24x24

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Industry Leading Innovation and Performance

Experience the reliability, convenience, and unrivaled performance of the Tenecor® AIO Peninsula Acrylic Aquarium System.

The innovative AIO design was developed by Tenecor® to address the challenges of peninsula style aquarium filtration. The flexible high performance system is an ideal choice for both freshwater and most saltwater setups.

Tenecor® AIO Peninsula Acrylic Aquarium systems come fully loaded with unbreakable polycarbonate lids, reusable filter floss, and more.

Quad Cup Innovation & Performance

In the Tenecor® AIO Peninsula aquarium, water is pumped from the aquarium into the AIO chamber by first passing through a the top media cup that contains filter floss. The floss holds back large pieces of food and other aquarium waste. The water then travels down through the second level of media cups that can hold various chemical conditioners such as activated carbon or additional bio media. The flexible design of the AIO allows you to remove the cups if preferred.

After the water passes through the cups, it enters the sump chamber (which can also be used to hide an aquarium heater) and is returned back to the aquarium by the submersible pump.

An extensive range of sizes and variations

From small desktop tanks to stunning 300-gallon and larger options, Tenecor® AIO peninsula aquariums are offered in a range of sizes to suit any aquatic enthusiast.

  • Unbreakable Media Cups

    Say goodbye to costly and inefficient filter socks. Tenecor® Peninsula AIO's feature versatile media cups for mechanical floss filtration and water conditioners. They are removable for easy maintenance.

  • SICCE® Water Pumps

    When it comes to reliability and performance, SICCE® stands out as the top pump brand in the industry. Our meticulous approach ensures that every tank is equipped with the ideal pump, removing any need for guesswork.

  • Segmented Return Hose

    Achieve complete flow control using Loc Line segmented hose. Easily adjust the flow rate and direction to eliminate any dead zones.

  • Unbreakable Polycarbonate Lids

    Tenecor® Peninsula AIOs are furnished with sturdy and unbreakable polycarbonate lids, ensuring your fish stay safe and secure. These lids outperform mesh designs by never succumbing to sagging, warping, or falling apart. Additionally, the included feed cups streamline dinner time.

  • Alby Cobalt

  • Black

  • Fog

  • Stone Grey

  • Lyon Walnut

  • Liberty Elm

Magnum Stands offer Unparalleled Durability & Reliability

Advantage AIO Aquarium Packages also come with the leading aluminum aquarium stand adorned in your choice of designer-inspired finishes. Magnum aquarium stands are well-known for their outstanding quality and unrivaled durability. These stands are carefully constructed, ensuring optimal performance and a lasting, fulfilling experience.

Professional-Grade 45mm T Slot Aluminum Profile

Magnum stands are constructed using a 45mm T Slot Aluminum profile that is up to 40% stronger than the cheaper fractional dimensioned profiles utilized by competitors.

Oversize Adjustable Feet

Oversized adjustable feet guarantee a level and even surface.

Heavy Duty Gusseted Brackets

Gusseted brackets, supplied exclusively by Tenecor®, are strategically employed in key locations to enhance structural integrity.

Double Width 45/90 Perimeter

The extruded profile that supports the stand's deck is twice as wide. This additional width enhances its strength and prevents any flexing or bowing, ensuring torsional stability.

Tenecor® AIOs have consistently delivered exceptional performance and reliability since 1980, establishing themselves as the unrivaled gold standard in the industry for over 45 years.

Tenecor® AIO aquariums have a well-established track record of being safe and reliable. They continue to be the top choice for aquarium enthusiasts, with hundreds of thousands still in operation.