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ReefPoint® 75 AIO Lagoon Shallow Reef Aquarium Ready to Run 36x30x16

ReefPoint® 75 AIO Lagoon Shallow Reef Aquarium Ready to Run 36x30x16

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There is no Other Aquarium like the ReefPoint® Lagoon Series.  ReefPoint® AIO Lagoon aquariums by Tenecor® raise saltwater reef keeping to a higher level. ReefPoint® Lagoons were especially designed to address the shortcomings in today's well advertised glass tanks. Beginning with a blank piece of paper, Tenecor® engineers prioritized performance with no compromises.

Oversize Sumps. ReefPoint® AIO Lagoons are built with extraordinarily large sumps. At 8 inches wide, the ReefPoint® 3 Chamber AIO far exceeds the tank's biological requirements. The generous chambers allow the hobbyist to extensively customize without compromises.

Oversize Media Baskets. ReefPoint® AIO Lagoons feature 7 inch diameter media baskets. The large capacity baskets can accommodate various conditioners and treatments as well as the reusable poly matrix filter media included with every ReefPoint®. In addition, the flexible design allows for filter socks to be used instead of the basket.

Coast to Coast Performance. The HushFlow® AIO is at the heart of the ReefPoint® Lagoon. Instead of simply sizing an aquarium and putting a filter in it, we designed these aquariums starting with the filtration and then adding the livestock viewing area. This is why every ReefPoint® AIO Lagoon is a minimum 30 inches wide.

Thicker Acrylic. Like all larger Tenecor® aquariums, ReefPoint® Lagoons are constructed with premium cell cast acrylic that is thicker than industry standards.

Unbreakable Polycarbonate Lids. Another Tenecor® trademark are the meshless one piece lids. Made from Lexan polycarbonate, they are unbreakable and will not sag. Integrated feed hatches are an added feature.

Available Full Gauge Industrial Grade Aluminum Stands. Tenecor® Magnum™ aluminum stands are made from full gauge industrial grade aluminum profile. They are the gold standard for durability and functionality.

Magnum™ stands are designed for long lasting durability. The waterproof expanded foam PVC shelving are custom fitted to each stand. The leveling legs are oversized and will not eat into expensive floors.

All dimensions in Inches
Tank Dimensions (LxWxH) 36x30x16
Total Capacity 75 Gallon
View Area Capacity 55 Gallon
Filter Capacity 20 Gallon
Filtration 4 Chamber AIO
Filtration Mount Backwall
Standard Filtration Mechanism Filter basket
Standard Filtration Media Poly matrix floss
Primary chamber (LxW) 8x8
Media/Skimmer chamber (LxW) 12x8
Heater chamber (LxW) 7x8
Pump chamber Inches (LxW) 8x8
Wall Thickness .378 (3/8 Nominal)
Top Thickness .378 (3/8 Nominal)
Bottom Thickness .378 (3/8 Nominal)
Black Bottom Included
Corners Square
AIO Filter Lid Included
View Area Lid(s) Included
Integrated Feed Hatch Included
Cord/Tubing Cutouts 4
Return Pump Thru Hole 1-1/2
Material Cell cast acrylic
Return Pump Included
Bulkhead Dual 3/4 T x S Black
Return Line Dual Loc-line hose w/nozzle
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