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Tenecor® 190 Reef Ready Saltwater Corner Pentagon Aquarium and Aluminum Stand 45x45x30

Tenecor® 190 Reef Ready Saltwater Corner Pentagon Aquarium and Aluminum Stand 45x45x30

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ReefPoint® Marine Systems are expertly crafted with diligent attention to every detail. Feature packed and loaded with all the extras, they are your best value.

Crafted with precision using advanced CNC equipment, ReefPoint® aquariums are a testament to our commitment to quality. Our skilled fabricators meticulously construct each aquarium, leaving no room for compromise in their attention to detail and finish.

ReefPoint® packages are factory configured and assembled. All you do is attach the included plumbing. The mar components are matched for optimal performance, taking the guesswork out of setting up your reef aquarium.

  • Internal Return Plumbing

    We run the return lines back up through the overflow keeping the back of the tank plumbing free so that it can sit up closer to the wall with no unsightly hoses.

  • In-Tank Segmented Hose

    Precisely channel the water flow and reduce dead spots with the the included segmented hose.

  • Heavy Duty Bulkheads

    Unlike the flimsy lower cost options used by the other guys, our drain and return bulkheads are heavy duty and will last many years.

  • Unbreakable Meshless Lids with Integrated Feed Cups

    The Tenecor® aquarium lid is a testament to top-notch quality and longevity. While acrylic may be a popular option for aquariums, it falls short as a lid material. Our innovative meshless design, made from solid polycarbonate, sets us apart from the other guys with their acrylic lids. Tenecor® lids are virtually indestructible, preserving their shape and color without ever sagging or warping. Plus, the integrated hatches make it a breeze to feed your fish.

Finish the look with a Magnum® Stand and optional canopy. Factory assembled and ready to go.

Magnum aquarium stands set the standard for quality and durability. They are designed for performance and long lasting satisfaction with extra heavy duty structural components and connectors.

  • Alby Cobalt

  • Black

  • Fog

  • Stone Grey

  • Lyon Walnut

  • Liberty Elm

Oversize adjustable feet

Oversized adjustable feet guarantee a level and even surface.

Heavy duty gusseted brackets

Gusseted brackets, supplied exclusively by Tenecor, are strategically employed in key locations to enhance structural integrity.

Double width 45/90 millimeter perimeters & full gauge 45/45 millimeter structural supports

Magnum frames are constructed using a 45mm T slot aluminum profile that is up to 40% stronger than the cheaper profiles utilized by competitors.

The optional matching canopies are designed for convenience and performance

Magnum canopies are full featured with access doors, removable light blocking panels and more.

  • Heavy Duty Profile

    Magnum canopies are made with the same heavy duty 45 millimeter profile found in Magnum stands.

  • Flexible Light Mount Options

    User modifiable light mounting options are possible with multiple 90 degree brackets.

  • Recessed Power Strip

    Recessed power strips make it convenient to wire up your lighting and internal components.

Build Specifications

Tenecor® aquariums often cost more because we use thicker acrylic and include many extras at no additional cost. Many of our larger sizes are made with acrylic that is in some cases TWICE as thick as the budget brands. Thicker tanks are harder to build. They take more time and require higher fabricator skill. The end result is a superior aquarium with almost flawless seams.

Even though they often cost more, a Tenecor® aquarium in the long term is your best value. This is why there still are hundreds of thousands of Tenecor® aquariums in service. Please reference the table below when comparing our tanks to the discount budget guys.