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NaturePoint® 85 Freshwater Acrylic Aquarium and Aluminum Stand 36x18x30

NaturePoint® 85 Freshwater Acrylic Aquarium and Aluminum Stand 36x18x30

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Expertly Crafted with Careful Attention to Detail

Tenecor® NaturePoint® Freshwater Aquarium packages are offered in a large variety of sizes and styles. Your NaturePoint® Freshwater Aquarium package can be customized to your exacting specifications using pre-selected components making it easy to build out your system. You no longer have to settle for inferior off the shelf options. Build your aquarium experience exactly the way you want it. Best of all, NaturePoint® freshwater aquarium packages are an outstanding value. No matter your skill level or budget, you can find the perfect combination of flexibility and quality to build the tank of your dreams.

  • Alby Cobalt

  • Black

  • Fog

  • Stone Grey

  • Lyon Walnut

  • Liberty Elm

Designed for Unmatched Durability & Reliability

For those seeking the finest aquarium cabinets, look no further than Magnum™ Aluminum Aquarium Cabinets. These cabinets are designed to be the ultimate choice, with their strong and sturdy construction using a 45 mm industrial grade extruded T slot aluminum profile.

The precision machined panels are heavy duty wood laminated with elegant designer finishes, enhancing any decor and the overall appeal of your aquarium setup. Easy access is ensured doors on all sides of the cabinet, allowing hassle-free maintenance. The waterproof PVC shelf will never warp or decay. The aluminum frame is finished with a corrosion resistant anodized finish, backed by a five-year warranty.

When it comes to premium quality and durability, Tenecor® Magnum™ stands are unmatched.

Professional-Grade 45mm T Slot Aluminum Profile Frame

Magnum frames are constructed using a 45mm T Slot Aluminum profile that is up to 40% stronger than the cheaper fractional dimensioned profiles utilized by competitors.

Oversize Adjustable Feet

Oversized adjustable feet guarantee a level and even surface.

Heavy Duty Gusseted Brackets

Gusseted brackets, supplied exclusively by Tenecor, are strategically employed in key locations to enhance structural integrity.

Double Width 45/90 Perimeter

The extruded profile that supports the stand's deck is twice as wide. This additional width enhances its strength and prevents any flexing or bowing, ensuring torsional stability.