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Wholesale: Tenecor® 14 AIO Nano Pentagon Aquarium 24x24x12 | White Stand

Wholesale: Tenecor® 14 AIO Nano Pentagon Aquarium 24x24x12 | White Stand

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Award winning Tenecor® AIO Nanos have been the market leaders for over 45 years with a track record of proven and reliable performance.

Tenecor® AIO Nano Aquariums are the perfect blend of style and technology, bringing a vibrant aquatic environment to any living space. For over 45 years, Tenecor® has been a pioneer in AIO aquariums, and our Nanos come with a full filtration system and pump to get you started quickly.

The ultra-clear cell cast acrylic gives an unobstructed view that surpasses what glass tanks can offer. Every package includes an aesthetically designed STUDIO stand with precision craftsmanship.

Versatile Tenecor® AIO Nanos are suitable for both freshwater and saltwater setups. The multi-stage filtration and hidden return pump make it easy to care for even delicate corals and fish, plus an unbreakable polycarbonate lid provides added security.

  • Extra Wide Precision Crafted AIO Filtration

    Tenecor® Nanos have extra wide filters. The CNC machined filtration components offer a seamless and precise fit, enhancing both performance and aesthetics.

  • Unbreakable Media Cups

    Say goodbye to costly and inefficient filter socks. Tenecor® Nano AIO's feature versatile media cups for mechanical floss filtration and water conditioners. They are very long lasting and removable for easy maintenance.

  • SICCE® Water Pumps

    When it comes to reliability and performance, SICCE® stands out as the top pump brand in the industry.

  • Segmented Return Hose

    Achieve complete flow control using Loc Line segmented hose. Easily adjust the flow rate and direction to eliminate any dead zones.

  • Unbreakable Polycarbonate Lids

    When it comes to the safety of your fish, the aquarium lid plays a vital role. Unfortunately, many competitors neglect this important aspect. Tenecor® lids are recognized for their unbeatable durability and exceptional functionality. And they are included at no additional charge.

  • Integrated Feed Cups

    Select models with integrated feed cups make feeding time effortless and convenient.

  • Black

  • Snow White

Fast, Simple and Easy to Assemble

STUDIO Easy Aquarium Stands are the quickest and most straightforward stands to assemble, ensuring that you can start enjoying your aquarium right away.

Simple hassle free assembly saves you time and aggravation

Say goodbye to the assembly aggravation and missing hardware of overpriced poor quality chain store brands. The exclusive design makes setup a breeze -- only 30 seconds! The stands are approximately 30 inches tall as measured at the deck.

Hinge Free Access Panel

STUDIO Easy stands are complete with a discreet access panel and concealed fasteners for a polished aesthetic.

Fully removable shelf and generous rear access

The removable shelf makes it easy to modify your system. Generous rear access means there is no need to drill or cut the back wall. (Inside edges of the back and face panel are exposed due to edge banding machine limitations. All exposed edges are concealed when the stand is fully assembled and placed against a wall.)