Why are Tenecor Magnum Aluminum Aquarium Stands the Best?

Tenecor® Magnum Aluminum Aquarium stands are made from T-slot aluminum profile which is a type of extruded aluminum material that is used in a variety of industrial and construction applications. It is called "T-slot" because it has a T-shaped cross-section with a slot running the length of the profile. This T-shaped profile allows for a wide range of different accessories and components to be attached to it, such as brackets, connectors, and other hardware.

T-slot aluminum profile is lightweight and easy to work with, making it a popular choice for many different types of projects, including aquarium stands.

But not all T- slot is the same and not all aluminum aquarium stands are as strong as Magnum stands.

T-Slot comes in different shapes and strengths, usually in millimeters. It is measured as Length x Width (LxW). For example, our standard profile is a square 45 mm shape and is designated as 45/45. And most Magnum stand perimeters are DOUBLE wide and are expressed as 45/90.

We don't cut corners. Our profiles and connectors are the strongest.

Cheaper versions of aluminum stands are usually measured in inches and are not much weaker than our 45/45 profiles. And some companies have even weaker 20 and 15 mm profiles!. Yet another cost cutting move by others is using aluminum profile in the shape of tubes, much like gutters and downspouts.