How to Own a Tenecor® Aquarium for up to 40% off

Want to get the best price on the leading brand of acrylic aquariums? You may have to drive a bit. We offer a "will call" program on almost all of our aquariums and stands. How much you can save depends on the size and style but usually it is between 25 to 40 per cent off our listed prices.

We can do this because of what we save on shipping and crating costs. Shipping expense is a big number and getting bigger. We would rather pass the savings on to you than pay a trucking company. The larger the tanks, the bigger the savings.

Here is an example of what you can save.

Our Tenecor® Advantage 125 full wet/dry AIO is one of the most popular sizes. The Ready to Run package price is $4,399 which includes an enclosed Magnum Aluminum frame stand. Although it is a super value at this price, we can offer this package for 35% less for a savings of over $1,500 in this program.

Another example is our 60x18x16 ReefPoint 75 Saltwater Aquarium with internal overflow. List price is $1,299. Will Call $750, a savings of $550. And these come with unbreakable lids and feed cups.

How it works.

Select a size and style of aquarium you are interested in from our website . Email us for a firm "WILL CALL" price. If you like the price, we will send you payment instructions.

This does not apply to custom tanks. Your selection must be from one of our hundreds of standard offerings. Please read our terms of sale as there are other important points you need to consider, especially cancellation and storage fees.

These ARE NOT factory seconds or blemished aquariums. They are first quality top of the line products. Again, this program is only for standard products and no customization is allowed. This program applies to almost every item we sell. Keep in mind the savings are not that big for small items such as ATO reservoirs and overflow boxes. But they can be significant for bigger items.

What to expect at Will Call.

Your aquarium will be ready for pickup in a blanket wrap. Bring additional blankets, straps and other protective transportation gear. The safe loading and transport of your aquarium is entirely your responsibility.

THERE IS NO CRATING OR OTHER PACKAGING PROVIDED AT THE QUOTED PRICE. Crating however, is available at additional cost.

Please allow up to 36 hours for us to review and reply to your requests.