T slot profile is extruded aluminum commonly in the shape of a square or rectangle. A slot in the shape of a "T" on one or more of the faces gives extruded aluminum profile its name. T slot profile is also known as "80/20" which is a trademarked brand.

T Slot Aluminum (TSA) is only 1/3 the weight of steel and very durable. The modular nature of TSA makes it ideal for many applications including how we use it for aquarium stands and reptile habitats.

Tenecor® offers a full selection of TSA aquarium stands in kit form as well as individual components such as fasteners, connectors, floor to frame parts, and cut to length profiles.

Not all extruded aluminum profile aquarium stands are the same.

Tenecor® Magnum™ aquarium stands are made with full gauge industrial grade TSA. That is not the case with aquarium stands offered by well advertised glass tank companies. Their imported products are not industrial grade TSA but rather a lighter gauge extrusion, usually a hollow rectangular shape with minimal cross sectional strength, similar to gutters and downspouts.

Tenecor® Magnum™ stands are stronger, more versatile and customizable. They are the gold standard for hobbyists looking for value and long term durability.


Tenecor® TSA is competitively priced.

Please research other aluminum aquarium stands before making your selection. Compare profile gauges, component specifications and available sizes. We are confident Tenecor® will be your best value.