THe most Advanced Small Tanks. Out of the Box Ready to Run. Freshwater or Saltwater.

Small Aquariums

my shrimp "tank you"

what a delightful little aquarium! i have it sitting on a bookshelf and everyone just stands and stares. best tank i ever bought.

Jeena W.

Bent or Square Corners. Endless Options.

Freshwater Aquariums

what a great deal

your aquariums are the best! and your prices really are the lowest. keep up the good work.

Gerald B.

Fast Turnaround

Our custom Tenecor Bow Front shipped in only two weeks! Exactly the size we wanted.


Freshwater or Saltwater. Out of THe Box Ready to RUn. The Original AIO Since 1978.

All in One (AIO) Aquariums

my second tenecor® aquarium

my dad bought me a tenecor® all in one desktop aquarium for my goldfish. today i bought a 150 gallon for my son and we are setting it up as a saltwater tank.

B. Carlson

Bent or Square Corners. Also ideal for freshwater.

Saltwater (Overflow) Aquariums

my private ocean paradise

i research everything. when i wanted a new saltwater aquarium tenecor® came out on top. thank you for making my tank the best.



Bow Front

Corner Pentagon

Also Great for freshwater planted setups

AIO Lagoon Frag Aquariums

Cutting Edge Design

in my 20 years, ReefPoint® hushflow™ Powersumps are the most versatile aio filter i have seen in ANY aquarium.

Tom W.

We are the Big Tank Experts. Customize Yours Just the Way you Want.

ultra large™ Aquariums

Spending more time at the office

My Tenecor 500 Gallon transformed my office. I now enjoy going in early and staying late.

R. Stryker

Freshwater or Saltwater.With Matching Stands. Advanced Filtration for the Highest Performance.

Peninsula Aquariums

our home value went up

we took down a wall and replaced it with your seven foot peninsula on a custom cabinet my son built. my real estate friend says our home value probably went up more than the cost of the tank.

Susan R.