Small Tanks | picos & Nanos

my shrimp "tank you"

what a delightful little aquarium! i have it sitting on a bookshelf and everyone just stands and stares. best tank i ever bought.

Jeena W.

freshwater tanks

what a great deal

your aquariums are the best! and your prices really are the lowest. keep up the good work.

Gerald B.

All in One (AIO) tanks

my second tenecor® aquarium

my dad bought me a tenecor® all in one desktop aquarium for my goldfish. today i bought a 150 gallon for my son and we are setting it up as a saltwater tank.

B. Carlson

saltwater (Overflow) tanks

my private ocean paradise

i research everything. when i wanted a new saltwater aquarium tenecor® came out on top by a long shot. thank you for making my tank the best.


AIO lagoon frags

Cutting Edge Design

in my 20 years, ReefPoint® hushflow™ Powersumps are the most versatile aio filter i have seen in ANY aquarium.

Tom W.

ultra large™ tanks

thank you tenecor!

we love our 400 gallon reef tank! i really appreciate the heads up on the downsides of a glass tank. my architect agreed, especially the weight.

B. Anderson

peninsula tanks

our home value went up

we took down a wall and replaced it with your seven foot peninsula on a custom cabinet my son built. my real estate friend says our home value probably went up more than the cost of the tank.

Susan R.