Are Water Clarifiers safe? How do they work?

Are Water Clarifiers safe? How do they work?

Chances are the day you purchased your new aquarium, you also walked out with some accessories and a bottle each of dechlorinator and water clarifier. You may have asked yourself how such a small amount can almost magically transform a cloudy aquarium into a crystal clear tank.

The secret ingredient is something called polydiallyldimethylammonium chloride, AKA polyDADMAC, AKA polyDDA, AKA polyquaternium-6. The name sounds scary but the chemical itself is harmless. It is what is called a homopolymer and is used extensively in wastewater treatment.

PolyDADMAC works as a "flocculation agent", which is a process in which colloids (fish waste) come out of suspension in the form of flakes or floc

PolyDADMAC is so effective that a mere 200 grams can treat about 1 ton of wastewater. This is why just a few drops cleans up cloudy aquariums so well.

As many hobbyists already know, there are many similarities between aquarium filtration techniques and municipal wastewater treatment. In many ways keeping an aquarium environment healthy and stable is more challenging than treating Super Bowl half-time flushes.

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