Tenecor® Ready to Run Simplicity™ AIO Acrylic Aquarium | 24x24x20 | 50 Gallon


Tenecor® Ready to Run Simplicity™ AIO Acrylic Aquarium | 24x24x20 | 50 Gallon

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Tenecor® Simplicity™ AIO. The Original AIO. Safe and reliable for over 40 years.

Addressing the disadvantages of available filtration at the time, Tenecor® in the 1970's invented the original AIO aquarium. We named them Simplicity™ to reflect their ease of setup and maintenance.

Simplicity™ AIO's are full Wet/Dry systems. Wet/dry filtration is highly effective because water is trickled over bio media on which reside beneficial bacteria. These bacteria are found everywhere in the aquarium and thrive in an environment where there is abundant oxygen. Trickling the water over the media provides this oxygen. Every major public aquarium uses this proven filtration method.

We have sold hundreds of thousands of safe and reliable Simplicity™ aquariums. They are an excellent choice for both freshwater and saltwater setups and thousands are still in use today.

Tenecor® has been the premium acrylic aquarium brand for over 45 years.

Tenecor® has been setting the quality standard for over 45 years and has built more acrylic aquariums than anyone. Each tank is carefully crafted using only cell cast acrylic and other top grade materials. Precision CNC machining and proprietary bonding technologies mean industry leading fits and finishes.

Tenecor® aquariums are custom manufactured to your exacting requirements.

Tenecor® aquariums are assembled by skilled craftsmen using the latest equipment. With almost $4 million in advanced production equipment including CNC routers, vacuum thermoformers, CO2 laser and more, Tenecor's manufacturing capabilities are unsurpassed. Our products are highly customizable which means your aquarium will be built just the way you want.

Your aquarium will be world class creation.

The resulting product is a world class aquarium few others can match with seam quality far beyond the competition. Many of our aquariums are made with heavier acrylic than the industry standard. This costs more but the added quality ensures your aquarium investment for many years to come.

All Tenecor® products are designed and manufactured in the great state of Arizona. We do not offshore, subcontract or use third party manufacturers.

Unbreakable one piece Lexan® lids.

Tenecor lids are true works of art and we are very proud of them. The Meshless™ one piece design with integrated feed hatches will last a lifetime. They are made from unbreakable Lexan®, the same material used for airplane windshields and bullet proof glass. And unlike meshed lids, they will never sag or fall apart.

All glass tanks will end up leaking.

Every glass tank will eventually leak. Glass tanks are held together with silicone. Over time, silicone will weaken, become brittle and fall apart. This is why the popularly advertised glass tanks offer only a two year warranty at best and some even try to sell you an extended warranty at checkout.

Tenecor® aquarium seams are chemically bonded. They are virtually unbreakable and are guaranteed for life to not leak.

Glass tanks are HEAVY. VERY Heavy.

An often overlooked aspect of glass tanks is their incredibly heavy weight. Even sizes less than 75 gallons will require extra effort. For bigger aquariums, be prepared for some serious back strains. Tenecor® acrylic aquariums are a fraction of the weight and stronger.

Tenecor® aquariums are your best value.

Our clients work hard for their money and want the best value. Compared with glass (and other acrylic aquariums), Tenecor® is your best value. Tenecor® aquariums are better looking, safer, lighter and more clear than any kind of glass, including "low iron" glass. And best of all, Tenecor® aquariums cost less.

Simplicity™ AIO Product Features
  • Out of the Box Ready to Run
  • Unbreakable Filter Media Cup
  • Reusable Poly Matrix Filter Floss
  • MBBR Wet/Dry Trickle Media
  • World Class SICCE® Water Pump
  • Segmented Loc Line Return Plumbing. 
  • Cell Cast Acrylic Construction
  • Choice of color back panel
  • Unbreakable Lexan® Lids (As selected option)
  • Precision CNC machined tolerances
  • Tenecor® Lifetime Warranty
Dimensions (LxWxH Inches) 24 x 24 x 20
Total Capacity 50 Gallons
Swim Area Capacity 42 Gallons
Filtration Simplicity™ AIO Wet/Dry
Filter Chamber Width 4 Inches
Tank Material Cell Cast Acrylic
Wall Thickness 1/4 Inch Nominal
Top Thickness 1/4 Inch Nominal
Corners Bent
Lid Material Unbreakable Lexan®