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Tenecor® Acclimation Box 8x6x6

Tenecor® Acclimation Box 8x6x6

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Tenecor® Acclimation Boxes are most often used for the introduction of new fish to an established aquarium. The gentle water flow design also makes Tenecor® boxes safe for housing delicate corals and anemones. Tenecor® boxes can even be used as in-tank frag tanks.

Why Tenecor® Acclimation Boxes are Superior

The first thing you will notice about Tenecor® Acclimation Boxes is their sturdy construction. They are made from thicker cell cast acrylic precision machined to exceptionally close tolerances. The resulting fit and finish is noticeably refined and attractive.

The Lid

The most common complaint of less sturdy boxes is their flimsy lid design which does not stay closed. That is not the case with Tenecor® lids. Our lids are substantial and heavy enough to stay closed on their own. They also do not warp, flex or get tweaked over time. When necessary for additional security, it is possible to place a small rock on top of the lid without the worry of breaking it.

Snap-Lok Assembly

Another unique feature of Tenecor® Acclimation Boxes is their exclusive Snap-Lok assembly.  The intuitive design makes for a secure and tight enclosure without any silicone or solvents.


Tenecor® Acclimation Boxes are offered in several sizes.


With thicker acrylic and superior craftsmanship, American made Tenecor® acclimation boxes will last longer than flimsy cheaper options.

Dimensions (LxWxH Inches) 10 x 8 x 6
Material CNC Cell Cast Acrylic
Material Thickness 3/16 Inch Nominal
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