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Advantage® 60 Gallon Wet/Dry AIO Aquarium Package 36X24X16

Advantage® 60 Gallon Wet/Dry AIO Aquarium Package 36X24X16

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Revel in the unbeatable advantages of the Advantage® Wet/Dry AIO! This aquarium arrives ready to run and features unbreakable filter media cups, a reusable Poly Matrix filter, a world-class SICCE® water pump, segmented Loc Line return plumbing, and cell cast acrylic construction. Plus, you get to choose a color back panel and unbreakable Polycarbonate lids! Impressively, each piece is crafted with precision CNC machined tolerances and protected by the Tenecor® 15 Year warranty.
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    Skillfully Crafted with Meticulous Attention to Detail

    Experience the reliability, convenience, and unrivaled performance of the Tenecor Advantage® Wet/Dry AIO Acrylic Aquarium System.

    First designed by Tenecor® in the 1970s and now trademarked as the Advantage® wet/dry AIO aquarium, this exquisite system is an ideal choice for both freshwater and most saltwater setups.

    Safe and reliable with hundreds of thousands still running today, the Tenecor Advantage AIO continues to be the leading AIO aquarium.

    Delivering full wet/dry filtration, the system comes fully loaded with unbreakable polycarbonate lids, reusable filter floss, and more, all covered by our 15 Year guarantee.

    Enter the world of effortless, reliable aquariums with the Tenecor Advantage® Wet/Dry AIO Acrylic Aquarium.

    • Unbreakable Media Cups

      Say goodbye to costly and inefficient filter socks.

    • SICCE Water Pumps

      SICCE is the leading brand for reliability and performance.

    • Segmented Return Hose

      Precisely control flow with Loc Line Segmented hose.

    • Unbreakable Polycarbonate lids

      Keep your fish where they belong.

    • Alby Cobalt

    • Black

    • Fog

    • Stone Grey

    • Lyon Walnut

    • Liberty Elm

    Quality & Durability

    Magnum aquarium stands set the standard for quality and durability. They are designed for performance and long lasting satisfaction.

    Oversize Adjustable Feet

    Heavy Duty Gusseted Brackets

    Double Width 45/90 Perimeter