ReefPoint® Thicker™ Acrylic Reef Ready Aquarium Package | 48x24x20 | 100 Gallon

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ReefPoint® Thicker™ Acrylic Reef Ready Aquarium Package | 48x24x20 | 100 Gallon

Sale price$2,900.00

ReefPoint® Reef Aquarium Packages include everything you need plus a lot more:

  • Aluminum Stands (included)
  • Unbreakable Lexan® Lids
  • Feed Hatches
  • Dual Internal Return lines
  • Customizable Overflows
  • Customizable Sumps
  • Wet/Dry Options
  • Over Tank Light Suspension Mount Standard
  • and much more

This package is customizable to your specifications.

Images have watermarks. They are not part of the aquarium.

Aquarium Inches (LxWxH) 48x24x20
Aquarium Volume 100 Gallon
Filtration External Sump
Filtration Wet/Dry Available
Sump Volume 30 Gallon
Total System Volume 130 Gallon
RO Reservoir Volume Custom
Wall Thickness 1/2 Inch
Top Thickness 1/2 Inch
Front Corners Bent
Single Overflow Standard
Dual Overflow Available
Drains 2
Drain Thru Hole Diameter 2-3/8 Inch
Drain Bulkheads 1-1/2 T x S Black
Overflow Lid Included
Overflow Lid Material Virgin Black ABS
Return Configuration Overflow Internal
Return Lines Dual 3/4 Inch Poly Flex Tube
Return Thru Hole Diameter Dual 1-1/2 Inch
Return Bulkheads 3/4 Inch T x S Black
Main Tank Lids Included
Main Tank Lid Material Unbreakable Lexan®
Integrated Feed Hatch Included
Cord/Tubing Cutouts 4
Return Pump Not Included
In Tank Return Lines Dual Segmented Adjustable
Flow Control Inline valve
Return Nozzles Two
Nozzle 1 Flare
Nozzle 2 Round
Material Cell cast acrylic
Freshwater Suitable
Saltwater Suitable
Warranty Tenecor® Lifetime