Tenecor AquaFoam

Why Mechanical Filtration is Needed

The objective of aquarium filtration is to maintain healthy water quality. To do this we rely on probiotic bacteria to break down fish waste. For larger particles mechanical filtration is used.

Why Filters Clog

Overfeeding is the number one reason. Uneaten food eventually makes its way to the filter and becomes lodged there. When the water flow slows down the filter needs to be cleaned.

With filter socks this can happen quickly and be a messy nuisance. Cartridge filters can be even more bothersome since they require more steps to clean.

TIP: Reduce the load on your filter by not overfeeding your fish. Use the "Eyeball Rule" which is one fish eyeball amount of food per fish. Five fish, five fish eyeballs of food. Nine fish, nine fish eyeballs of food.

Why Tenecor® uses Open Cell AquaFoam™

Tenecor aquariums with AquaFoam have significantly greater capacity than filter socks or cartridge filters. Our AquaFoam™ filters are BIG and THICK. They also are easier to clean and last much longer. AquaFoam™ has the added benefit of supporting larger bacteria colonies which increase your tank's bio-filtration capacity even more.

How to Clean Tenecor® AquaFoam™

First, don’t clean the AquaFoam™ unless the water flow slows down. Remove the AquaFoam™ and submerge it in a container filled with RO or bottled water. Squeeze it a few times and that's it. There is no need to "deep clean" and it is okay to leave some bio gunk on the AquaFoam™.

Remember, DO NOT use tap water or any other water with chlorine in it because even small amounts of chlorine will kill off the probiotic bacteria..

After you place the AquaFoam™ back into the filter the aquarium water may turn cloudy for a while but will quickly clear up.