What is a Frag Aquarium?

A frag aquarium is a type of reef aquarium that is focused on growing coral frags, or small cuttings of coral.

What are the key features of a frag aquarium?

Shallow depth. The aquarium is typically only a few inches deep, which allows for easy viewing of the coral frags and also makes it easier to maintain the proper lighting and water parameters for coral growth.

High lighting. Coral frags require high levels of light in order to grow and thrive, so shallow frag aquariums typically have powerful LED lights or metal halide lights to provide the necessary light.

Strong water flow. Coral frags also require strong water flow in order to receive the nutrients and oxygen they need to grow. This can be achieved with powerheads or wavemakers.

Compact size. Due to the shallow depth and focus on coral frags, these aquariums are often quite small and can be placed on a desk or tabletop.

What are the benefits of a shallow frag aquarium>

Easy maintenance. Due to the shallow depth, it is easy to access all parts of the aquarium for cleaning and maintenance.

Low cost. Due to the small size and simple design, a shallow frag aquarium can be relatively inexpensive to set up and maintain.

High aesthetic appeal. With the shallow depth, the coral frags can be easily viewed and admired, making these aquariums a striking addition to any room.

Great for coral propagating. the shallow depth and strong water flow makes it an ideal environment for coral growth and breeding.