The Water Pumps

Standard Tenecor® aquariums are kitted with world class SICCE® pumps. We chose SICCE® because their well earned reputation of performance and reliability ensures worry free aquariums. The SICCE® pumps we use can be grouped into two broad categories - line voltage AC current and Variable Flow DC Current.

It's all about the flow.

Aquariums with AC current pumps need output valves to regulate water flow since AC pumps essentially have two states of operation - on and off. For smaller and value priced aquariums AC pumps are not only acceptable, they may be desirable for their simplicity.

DC current pumps regulate water flow by varying the speed of the pump itself. Properly installed DC pumps will not need flow control valves although we still add them as a convenience. Below are examples of the SICCE® pumps used in our aquariums.

An example of a SICCE® AC current pump used in select Tenecor® aquariums

An example of a SICCE® DC current variable flow pump