Tenecor Warranties

The products offered for sale by us, Extremis LLC, dba Tenecor Aquariums, dba Tenecor Composites ("Tenecor"), are covered by different warranties. Below is a summary of covered items and their respective warranties.

Tenecor Warranty

Tenecor warrants all manufactured standard acrylic products including, but not limited to, aquariums, sumps, filters and overflow boxes, against external leakage due to faulty craftsmanship for 15 years. Dimensional variations of +/- 1/2 inch are industry standard. Please contact us if you requirements are tighter than this tolerance zone. 

This warranty as it applies to aquariums, filters, sumps and other water containing fabrications is valid only when a flat solid top aquarium stand is used to support the tank and/or a flat solid surface is used to support any external filtration component. Open center perimeter stands or surfaces do not provide adequate support.

This warranty is subject to the following conditions:

  • Failure must be the result of a defect in manufacture and not due to improper use, defective material, accident, misuse, abuse or act of Nature.
  • Modification or alteration of the aquarium by drilling, cutting, sawing, gluing anything to, bending, melting, tapping or other similar means, voids the warranty.
  • Our liability to the purchaser is limited to the replacement value of the item and does not extend to the contents or any other consequential damage.
  • Defective standard aquariums will be repaired or replaced by Tenecor, at our option, during the first two years from the date of purchase at no additional cost to the purchaser. Repair or replacement value from year two to year four will be limited to 40% of the prevailing Tenecor retail price. Repair or replacement value from year four and on will be limited to 20% of the prevailing Tenecor retail selling price.
  • This warranty applies only to the original purchaser. It is not transferrable.
  • Pumps, lights, heaters, timers and other similar items are warranted for one year from date of purchase.
  • To be effective, you must provide proof of purchase and that you are the original owner, at the time of the warranty claim. We strongly advise keeping all purchase related documents in a safe location.
  • Upon discovery of failure, Tenecor will repair or replace the aquarium, at our option, provided it is returned freight prepaid to Tenecor Aquariums, 1607 West Whispering Wind Drive, Phoenix, Arizona 85085, USA.

EZ Swap Warranty option

We understand it is not always practical to disconnect a potentially defective filter or other component for a warranty claim, leaving your aquarium without filtration. This is where our EZ Swap guarantee will help.

Our EZ Swap Warranty option is intended for smaller components such as filters, sumps and overflow boxes. But you may also use this option for larger aquariums if desired.

How EZ Swap works

  • After you notify us with your claim, we arrange for you to purchase a comparable replacement item from us at a negotiated price.
  • After you receive the warranty replacement, you agree to return to us, postage prepaid, the defective item. In many cases, you can reuse the shipping materials for the replacement item.
  • After we receive your warranty claim item, and we determine it is a manufacturing defect, we will refund you the purchase price of the replacement.

Tenecor Aquarium Furniture

We warrant stands, canopies and pedestals manufactured by us due to faulty craftsmanship for a period of three years from date of purchase. All other conditions are the same as above.

Reagents, Media, Water Conditioners, Bacteria & other Consumables manufactured and/or sold by us

We cover these products with a 60 day satisfaction guarantee. If you are unsatisfied with your purchase, please return to us for a refund. This guarantee does not apply to Wholesale Bulk orders. This guarantee extends to only the replacement or initial product purchase value. We will not accept any liability for incidental or consequential losses including, but not limited to, livestock loss.

Wholesale Bulk Items

Bulk packed items are not labeled or packaged for retail sale. They are intended for wholesalers, distributors, manufacturers and commercial enterprises. We reserve the right to limit the sale of these items to any individual, business or entity without proper tax exempt or business license documentation.

These items may be subject to very significant restocking fees and we do not warrant their merchantability or fitness for intended use.

The above warranties give you specific legal rights. You may also have implied warranty rights.

Government Sales

None of the above terms and warranties apply to sales made to government agencies or contractors.