What is a Freshwater Aquarium?

Freshwater aquariums are traditional fish tanks. They do not have any filtration or overflows.

Size Range 8 to 1,500+ Gallons
Maximum Length 96 Inches Standard
120 Inches Ultra Large™
Maximum Height 36 Inches Standard
60 Inches Ultra Large™
Corner Treatment* Bent up to 60 Inches (L) x 30 Inches (H)
Square up to 120 Inches
Rounded up to 120 Inches
Filtration Options Hang on the Back (HOB)
Suitability Freshwater Only


*Corner Treatment Explained

Bent Corners. The front and side viewing panels are formed from a single piece of acrylic with the front corners heated and bent. Bent corners are the most visually attractive especially in unique shaped aquariums such as corner pentagons.

Square Corners. Corners that are joined at 90 degree angles. Square corners are typically found in larger sizes.

Rounded Corners. A process where square cornered tanks are rounded over to a smooth radius. Not to be confused with Bent Corners.