Available Standard Shapes


The rectangle aquarium is the most common shape. These models can also be designed as in-wall installations or peninsula room dividers. Many Tenecor® sizes up to 72 inches are available with bent front corners as well.

Seamless Bow Front
Tenecor® bow fronts are different. They are made with single piece bent front panels. Other companies cannot do this and piece together the front and side panels. Tenecor® has custom jigs and fixtures enabling us to make bow front aquariums from 36 inches up to ten feet.
Corner Pentagon
The corner pentagon is one of the most popular shapes. Certain to enhance any corner, this unique shape is ideal for efficiently utilizing available corner space without compromising aquarium size. All Tenecor® standard Pentagon aquariums feature bent (seamless) front corners and sizes up to 48 inches also feature bent single piece wall side panels.
Flat Back Hexagon
Tenecor® Flat Back Hexagon aquariums are a unique alternative to the traditional rectangular shape. The one piece front is angled at both front corners providing a stimulating visual display. All Flat Back Hexagon acrylic aquariums feature bent front corners.
Peninsula aquariums make great room dividers. They are designed for viewing from three sides and usually have the filtration under the cabinet, Tenecor® offers the widest selection of peninsula sizes and styles to complement any decor. Peninsula aquariums, especially larger and longer models require well designed filtration for optimal water flow at the far end. Our exclusive peninsula filter designs are industry leading and provide the best solutions for peninsula water circulation.
Our award winning nano aquariums are packed with features found in much larger tanks. Sleek and beautiful, they are offered as packages or as tank only. Tenecor® nano aquariums are sold out of the box Ready to Run.


These are the smallest aquariums offered by Tenecor® The pico size means they can be placed just about anywhere. Tenecor® picos are sold out of the box Ready to Run. 

All Tenecor® Aquariums, filters, furniture, and related products are designed and manufactured in the great state of Arizona USA. We do not offshore, outsource, subcontract or use third party manufacturers.