There is no other aquarium like the ReefPoint® Lagoon

ReefPoint® Lagoons are especially designed to prioritize performance with no compromises.

The best designed saltwater reef aquarium. Period.

I have been a saltwater hobbyist for many years and never have I seen such a complete reef aquarium.

Gustav W.

The HushFlow® Powersump

At 8 inches wide, the extraordinarily large HushFlow® PowerSump far exceed the tank's filtration requirements. The generous chambers allow the hobbyist to extensively customize without compromises.

My ReefPoint® lagoon is such a stable environment. My corals thrive like never before.

S. S.

Oversize 7 Inch Media Baskets

ReefPoint® AIO Lagoons feature 7 inch diameter media baskets. The large capacity baskets can accommodate various conditioners and treatments as well as the reusable poly matrix filter media included with every ReefPoint® Lagoon. The flexible design even allows for filter socks to be used instead of the basket.

Lids are included because your fish belong in your aquarium, not on the floor.

Unbreakable Lexan® Lids

Another included feature with all ReefPoint® Lagoon aquariums are meshless one piece lids. Made from Lexan® polycarbonate, they are unbreakable and will not sag like meshed lids. Integrated feed hatches are an added feature.

Filter Sidewall Blackouts

Both ends of the filter chambers are blacked out with matte black vinyl. This helps reduce unwanted algae growth and makes for a much nicer side viewing experience.

Adjustable return lines for better flow control.


All ReefPoint® Lagoon aquariums come with adjustable return nozzles.

World class Sicce® pumps are included with every ReefPoint® Lagoon.

Sicce® DC Pumps

ReefPoint® Lagoons are powered by industry leading Sicce® pumps rated specifically for each ReefPoint® aquarium. Larger ReefPoint® aquariums feature top level DC controllable pumps as well as industrial grade plumbing components.

I would think that the prevailing issue here is that the stands are simply horribly low quality. I was simply shocked with how flimsy the dang thing was when I had a reefer at one point.

Saltwater Forum Post

Magnum™ Aluminum Stands

ReefPoint® Lagoon aquariums sit on World Class Magnum™ aluminum stands. Magnum™ stands are made with full gauge industrial grade profile. They are the gold standard for hobbyists looking for value and long term durability.

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